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Is your home look old? Are its parts broken? Then Our Owings Mills Expert Home Remodeler: Better Home Solutions LLC is here for your complete home and offices remodeling solutions.

Home remodeling is the process of changing the structure or form of a space of your house. Remodeling means to improve the appearance and construction of a particular part or room of a home.

A remodel works to enhance or transform the existing design and layout of that room. It is “changing” or “transforming” use of space. It gives a new look and feels to the room as certain aspects are added or even subtracted.

Difference between Home Remodeling and Home Renovations

Trust me, home remodeling and home renovations are two different things. Many people mistake it as the same thing.

Home renovation means restoring a room or a whole house to a good state of repair to make it new again. It is the act of renewing.

The act od renewing may include re-painting, cabinets refacing, installing a new light, or adding other finishes and fixtures. You generally renovate to make space look attractive and add value to your home. But it’s used does not change much.

Whereas, home remodeling is the act of changing the structure or form of something. Remodeling works to improve the structure, function, and appearance of the space. The use of the space or area is changed.

What home remodeling requires a permit?

Most people have doubts about whether they need a permit for home remodeling purposes or not. Well, it differs. It differs as in the type of remodeling activity you carry out. Certain activities strictly need permit whereas some that do not need it at all.

The home remodeling process at Better Home Solutions includes four steps. They are:

1. Intial Meeting

First and foremost, we hold an initial meeting between the clients and our management team, along with the contractor. The meeting helps to identify the solution to the client’s problem. The meeting might be in your own home to check how remodeling can be carried out. Or else, you can visit our office with the project you are seeking solutions for, and we will help you out.

2. Rough Estimate

Budgeting is essential to every project. It is crucial for us as well as clients to know the required budget for the project. The client can give us the budget they have for the project if they have estimated, and we will compare that with the budget needed. In this way, we determine the pricing for a particular project and try to get it done. As well as we estimate the other resources, such as labor and technical equipment.

3. Design Contract Phase

After the initial meeting and the rough estimation of the cost, labor, and technical equipment needed, we will move towards the next process, which is the design phase. In this phase, the overall outline of the project is drawn. Also, a contract is drawn between the clients and the company for the project.

4. Construction

Construction is the step in which the actual work begins. Our contractors and the human manpower start remodeling your space. Our human resources are incredibly professional, experienced, and diligent. Your remodeled space is finished within the contract period with a full guarantee of satisfaction.

How much does Home Remodeling cost?

Home remodeling cost entirely depends on the amount of work required to remodel. As the amount of work required for your renovations increases, the cost of the project also increases.

Small home remodeling projects typically cost $5,000 to $15,000. For mid-range remodeling job, it costs around $10,000 to $30,000. And lastly, for high end remodels, it costs more than $30,000.

If you need your whole house to remodel or a custom part of your home or office remodels then we can provide you a complete work of remodeling along with quality materials that feet under your budget.

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I hired Better Home Solution LLC for my home remodelling for the new year 2020. They offer us a very reasonable price and layout which was absolutely good for my home. I didn’t expect to finish the whole home remodelling work by them but they complete their work on time. Better Home Solution LLC such awesome contractor that I had ever meet. My house looks totally different comfortable, beautiful after the remodelling and many people also pass compliment about it.

Supriyanto Desia,Towson , MD

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