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roof recovering

If you have a damaged roof, you are left generally with the four options: repair, re-cover, coat, or replace the roof.

The process of installing an additional covering materials over a prepared existing roof without removing the existing roof is called roof recovering. It is just like as adding additional cloth over a cloth.

After the roofing inspector inspects your roof, they will be able to tell which option to go with. Re-covering your roof is one of the most effective ways to mend an almost sound roof.

If your roof has one sheath, you can think of putting another on top of it. This is economical and does not require enormous costs or extensive disruption. You may additionally get new extended warranties of your roof.

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When to go for Roof-Recovering?

these are the points that signals to recover a roof.

  • For a cheaper roofing option
  • Incidence and extent of leaks
  • Moisture infiltration of the insulation layer
  • Damaged membrane
  • Bituminous membrane slippage
  • Shaggy roof decking

Advantages of Roof Recover

Here are the some majour benefits of roof recover that helps you to increase the home value.

  • need not to remove and dispose the existing roof mambrance thats saves lots of cost.
  • reduce the materials sent to landfills
  • improve the thermal perfomance of the roof system

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I have an estimated budget for the roof covering for my metal roofing and Better Home Solutions LLC was only one who can understand and surpasses by budget. Another contractor told me that I should install a new roof instead of covering but Better Home Solutions LLC covered my roof and fix it very properly that I don’t need installation for more years. Glad to have this service.

Alex Greenlee,Towson , MD

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