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Wood siding is famous among the homeowners because it enhances your home value by the natural beauty and aesthetics, which are much satisfying if you choose professional wood siding contractors for your siding project. Under the siding types, wood siding is mentioned as expensive siding, but it has many benefits that may compel you to ignore the cost of the siding.

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Choosing the Exterior of your house is not an easy task. There are various types of siding available in the market but all the siding types are not perfectly suited and match according to your home design, size, environment.

If you are thinking about wood siding for your house then Baltimore, MD Wood Siding Company:Better Home Solutions is the leading wood siding contractors in Baltimore, Columbia, Towson, Owings Mills MD and surrounding areas who can help with your wood siding projects under your budget.

Advantage and Disadvantage of choosing Wood siding for your house.

Every kind of siding on the market tends to resemble the look of real wood. Why? Because real wood has an ageless, outstanding look that easily makes humans feel secure and won't blow off.

Replacing or installing the wood siding in your house is a massive investment to ensure yourself you should check out the pros and cons of the wood siding.

Advantages of the Wood Siding

  • Wood siding comes in a different style, colors, and types.
  • Wood siding can be a blemish or painted in unlimited colors and conclude.
  • There are various kinds of woods to choose, just like Pine, Spruce, Fir, Cedar, and more.
  • Wood siding is lasting sufficiently to last of decades if maintained routinely.
  • Uploading a wood siding to the home can add value to a home because it is taken as high-end siding.
  • Wood is an eco-friendly option. It does not release pollutants while the producing procedure, it is ecological, and it is taken as a sustainable resource.
  • Wood Siding is Easy to repair: For small holes, With wrapped siding, replace boards.

The Disadvantage of the wood siding

  • However, wood siding should be cleaned once a year to eliminate the dirt and mildew.
  • Wood siding has poor fire spread rating; this can increase the cost of house insurance.
  • Maintaining wood siding can be costly and rating because it should be painted every four to five years to prevent Moisture.
  • These siding kinds can be expensive compared to other siding options,

If you live in Baltimore and the surrounding area. Contact Better Home Solutions LLC for the Free Wood Siding Estimate, Consultant And Inspection. All of our service and materials come with a guarantee, so your home improvement project will be stress-free, Call us at (443)-744-0776.

Types of Wood Siding we offer to upgrade your house exterior.

Six types of natural wood famously used in the U.S as well as engineered wood. Our Baltimore, MD Wood siding contractors are experts and experienced in all the below types of wood siding.

Style of wood commonly asked homeowners from our Baltimore siding professionals

  • Cedar Wood Siding
  • Redwood siding
  • Cypress Wood Siding
  • Spruce Wood Siding
  • Engineered Wood Siding
  • Pine Wood Siding
  • Fir Wood Siding

Types of Wood Siding mostly used in the U.S

  • Drop Channel Siding
  • Tongue-and-Groove Siding
  • Shake Siding
  • Shingles Siding
  • Split Logs Siding
  • Lap Siding

If you are curious and need more information about the wood siding types, their pros, and cons, their cost, installation time, then contact us at (443)-744-0776 and talk with our one of the skilled wood siding contractors.

Some telltale signs that you need to replace wood siding

Different types of siding have different kinds of features, demand, and time. Many homeowners in Baltimore and surroundings are confused that when to install a new or replace wood siding.

Here are some guidelines or signs that indicate you need to replace your wood siding:

  • Do you have loose or cracked gaps in siding?
  • Do you sense a small hole that causes leaks inside the house?
  • Do you can see or smell Moisture, mildew, Fungus?
  • Do you experience high energy costs?
  • Your indoor paint and wallpaper are peeling off?
  • Do your siding is Bubbling or blistered?
  • Does your siding want much painting(before 8 to 10 years)?

Stay informed about your wood siding and make it a worthy investment in your house. Owings Mills & Baltimore MD area wood siding company offers Free Inspection and estimates to the homeowners in Baltimore, MD, and surrounding areas for your home improvement. Contact us at (443)-744-0776

Average Cost of wood Siding Installtion

The average cost of wood siding is $6.50 to $ 12 per square foot to install according to the mordenize. It's just an average cost of the wood siding installation. Still, the price depends on the materials you choose for your house, your house area, your house type, and many more, according to the Baltimore, MD Wood Siding Company: Better Home Solutions.

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The average life expectancy of the Wood Siding

Wood siding average life expectancy is 20 to 40 years. But our wood siding contractors say that it is possible to prolong this with ultracareful maintenance and many other factors such as the types of the wood area of your house located, etc.

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